Offering personalized tax preparation services, Joseph A. Rosio of Plano Tax Prep helps families and businesses in Allen, Texas, prepare for tax season through expert tax consultations and assistance with unfiled tax returns.

Find out if you are eligible for the IRS Fresh Start program and receive audit assistance for your taxes whether they're due right now or you have plenty of time to file.

Allen Tax Preparation Services

With more than two decades of tax preparation assistance and tax advisory services, you can definitely benefit from the experience, accuracy, and tax precision from Plano Tax Prep. Our professionals will ensure your taxes are filed on time and correctly.

Major life changes like foreclosures and bankruptcies, as well as minor changes like a new job or relocation, may require significant changes on your tax forms this year. You may even be eligible for new deductions.

Did you become a parent in the last year? Did you purchase a home recently? Big life changes can complicate your taxes and make the assistance from a tax preparer even more valuable.Do not risk filing your taxes and paying too much or too little to the IRS. Make sure your taxes are correct the first time around with assistance from Plano Tax Prep.

Allen, Texas Tax Consultation

As a teenager, it was common to use the "EZ" form when filing your taxes. However, now that you are an adult and have made major life changes like having children, getting married, or making investments, your taxes probably have become a bit more complex.

With an experienced tax consultant from Plano Tax Prep, you will better understand how life's big decisions impact your life and change the way you must file your taxes. There is no need for you to wade through the huge 200-page instruction manual for the IRS 1040 form. Instead, let an experienced tax consultant handle the tax form and file your taxes correctly for you.

Tip: It is important to speak with a tax consultant before you file your taxes. this way you avoid any mistakes or missed deductions. If you can, arrange for a tax consultation before you make a big life change to help you better plan for the future. 

Unfiled and Delinquent Tax Returns

The IRS does not take it lightly when taxpaying citizens fail to file their taxes on time. As a citizen, they will quickly notify you of any penalties or fees that have been assessed due to your delinquent, unfiled taxes. If you pay your taxes late or you fail to file your taxes at all, the IRS can even garnish your wages directly through your employer. 

If you have to speak with the Internal Revenue Service about unpaid taxes or a delinquent tax bill, it is essential to have a CPA or a tax professional by your side. They can provide you with any feedback and may even be able to help you reach a settlement with the IRS for less than you owe. 


IRS Fresh Start Program

The IRS Fresh Start Program is something that many Americans have benefited from in the last few years. Created to help taxpayers with unpaid taxes or significant tax bills, this program allows you to seek tax reductions or even eliminate your tax debt with the submission of an Offer in Compromise to the IRS.

This complex form requires a lot of documentation. Since the IRS may deny your request if you submit an Offer in Compromise that is not correct or is incomplete, having your accountant, CPA, or tax consultant is important.

Receive Audit Assistance in Allen, Texas

Auditing is not a particularly common occurrence, however, the IRS can audit any taxpayer. When this happens, it is essential that you respond promptly to any notice you receive from the IRS about an impending audit. 

An audit can easily become overwhelming and stressful. During an audit, you can also risk paying penalties and fees if you have a bad audit. Do not let this happen to you! Work with a tax professional from Plano Tax Prep who will guide you through the process and make everything go as smoothly as possible.


Receive Qualified, Personalized Tax Advice in Allen

Do the forms you need to submit to the IRS look like they were written in a foreign language? Do you need help paying past-due taxes or filing an Offer in Compromise? Make an appointment with Plano Tax Prep today for a consultation on any tax topic from audits to preparation.


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