With years of experience working with the IRS and filing taxes, Joseph A. Rosio of Plano Tax Prep uses his expertise to help the businesses and families of Frisco, Texas, plan and prepare for tax season.

Count on a knowledgeable accounting expert for unfiled tax returns, and rely on the expert recommendations of an experienced tax consultant.

Frisco Tax Preparation Services

It is important to trust your tax preparation to someone who has experience dealing with the IRS and the complex forms used by the government agency. With two decades of experience in tax preparation services, you will benefit from working with a tax professional by avoiding expensive fees and costly penalties that the IRS may impose if your taxes are filed incorrectly.

Life changes like becoming a parent or buying a house can turn a simple filing  into a complex sea of forms and instructions. Also, losing your home to foreclosure, mortgage modifications, filing bankruptcy, settling credit cards or other consumer loans at less than the full amount can all result in taxable income related to debt forgiveness. If in the past you have used the simple 1040 EZ form, you be taken aback when switching to the standard 1040 to file your taxes.

Tax preparation services we offer include:

The IRS can levy a fee or send you a bill with a penalty attached if you pay too little tax. Ensure you are not responsible for paying extra money to the federal government by working with an experienced tax preparer from Plano Tax Prep.

Frisco Tax Consultation

Some significant financial decisions may require you to pay more taxes or even file different tax forms, therefore, working with a tax consultant is an important step to take before you make these types of decisions. You may even qualify for certain exemptions, rebates, or deductions after making big changes in your life, but you will not know about these benefits unless you work with a Certified Public Accountant or a tax consultant.

One of the most complex parts of filing taxes is ensuring all form are cohesive. Keeping track of each number, form, and deduction is a complex job. An experienced tax consultant offers you the best chance for accurate and timely tax filings.

Remember: It is best to speak with a tax consultant before you file your taxes so you do not run into problems by filing with mistakes or missing deadlines.

Unfiled Tax Returns

With the exception of some, if you have earned money from an employer in the past year, you should be filing taxes. Unfortunately, some people do not file on time to meet the April 15th deadline, while others are just unable to pay their taxes in full.

What do you do when you cannot pay your taxes or when you did not file your taxes on time?

The IRS can add interest or penalties to your due balance if you have not paid your full tax debt. It is important to work with a CPA, accountant, or tax consultant to reduce the likelihood of having to pay outrageous fees and penalties.


IRS Fresh Start Program

In the last decade, the IRS introduced a variety of options for taxpayers unable to pay their IRS bill in full. Additionally, the IRS made it easier for taxpayers to qualify for settlements and pay less than the full amount due. However, these programs require quite a bit of paperwork, and accuracy is extraordinarily important.

Getting out from under your crushing tax debt means getting everything right on your tax form. The experienced and knowledgeable tax professional from Plano Tax Prep can help you submit an accurate and complete Offer in Compromise.

Get Audit Assistance in Frisco, TX

You might assume that tax audits only happen to large companies, however, the IRS can choose to audit anyone at any time. If this happens, the IRS will need a significant amount of paperwork and records to conduct the audit. It is very important to respond to the request for an audit in a timely manner, but getting your documents together can be a long, complex process.

Easily reduce the stress you may experience during an audit, as well as the potential mistakes or missteps you might experience by working with a tax professional who can guide you through the process. The tax professionals at Plano Tax Prep are here to ensure your audit goes smoothly and help you avoid paying any penalties and fees after the audit is complete.


Work with a Qualified Tax Professional in Frisco, Texas

A tax professional is your best source for learning about little-known tax incentives, rebates, and deductions.

Do you need assistance with an audit? Do you need to complete an Offer in Compromise? Get in touch with Plano Tax Prep for a tax consultation


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