For the families and small businesses of Plano, Texas, Joseph A. Rosio of Plano Tax Prep offers personalized tax preparation services including tax consultations and assistance with unfiled tax returns.

Learn about the IRS Fresh Start program or receive audit assistance at any time
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Plano Tax Preparation Services

With a 20-year history of providing tax preparation and advisory services, you’ll appreciate the personalized attention that comes with tax assistance from Plano Tax Prep. You may find that your taxes aren’t as simple as they once were and that you need to move on from your 1040EZ form to the standard 1040 and a host of additional forms.

Have you recently purchased a home? Have you become a parent for the first time? Were you married in the last year? Are you delinquent on your current taxes? Is this the first year you’ll file taxes in Texas or Plano? The answers to these and other questions will influence your tax bill, and the forms the federal and state government will require you to file.

Ensure your forms are filed on time and correctly! Avoid penalties and fees by working with a Certified Public Accountant. Ignorance of the law is not a defense you can use with the IRS, and your tax preparer is an essential ally in helping you fill out accurate and timely tax returns.

Plano Tax Consultation

Each family is different in their tax needs, and no small business is exactly like another. Therefore, each tax consultation is different and requires an examination of your actual situation rather than a conversation about hypothetical “what ifs” that may match your personal circumstances.

Through personalized attention and experience, you’ll learn how to maximize your adjustments, credits, and deductions, as well as the best tax planning strategies for your family or business in the coming years. If you’re unsure whether you need a tax consultant, consider that the instructions alone for the IRS 1040 form has over 200 pages, and that’s just one of the forms you may need to navigate when submitting taxes.

Benefit from working with a tax professional! Unless you’re particularly familiar with the incredibly verbose documents published by the IRS, there’s a real chance that you may miss deductions or credits owed to you and your family or your business.

Delinquent Unfiled Tax Returns

Paying your taxes on time or failing to file your taxes at all may have serious consequences when the IRS calculates the penalties and fees you owe. You may find that your tax bill follows you to work when the government garnishes your wages. You might experience an inability to sell your property when the government places a tax lien on your home.

A CPA or tax professional is an essential ally when you must communicate with the Internal Revenue Service about unpaid or delinquent taxes. Many families and small business owners don’t realize that the IRS may settle with you for an amount that is less than the total owed.

The IRS wants to make things right with you! It’s absolutely essential that you come to terms with your unpaid taxes and file your taxes. Even if the IRS determines you owe penalties and fees, your tax professional may be able to negotiate on your behalf.

IRS Fresh Start Program

One of the most beneficial programs offered by the IRS today is the IRS Fresh Start Program, which helps taxpayers who have unpaid taxes and feel that they cannot pay their bill in full or “get ahead” of the interest accruing on the debt.

In recent years, the IRS has made changes to the Fresh Start program which have made it easier for some taxpayers to qualify. Submitting an Offer in Compromise to the IRS may help you reduce your tax bill significantly if you have experienced a dramatic change in your financial health.

Ensure your Fresh Start application is complete and accurate. The documentation that you may be required to submit with the Fresh Start program is rather extensive, and the IRS will deny incomplete or incorrect applications.

Audit Assistance in Plano

There is no way to completely avoid getting audited, and you may receive a notice from the IRS about an audit of a recent tax return. The IRS usually audits tax returns within one or two years of a return’s submission, but it’s important to retain your tax records for at least three years from the date you file the original return.

Complete your audit as quickly as possible with a tax professional. You may feel overwhelmed by an audit request, and a tax professional will help guide you through the process with as few speed bumps as possible.

Experience Quality, Affordability, and Personalized Service

Do you have questions about your taxes? Schedule an appointment with Plano Tax Prep today if you have questions about any facet of your taxes from the Fresh Start program to audits, consultations, or preparation.


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